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Is there anything more relaxing than sitting down with your favorite cigar?  We didn’t think so; and quite honestly, the best part of the cigar shouldn’t be the most stressful part to enjoy.

There were plenty of times when you end up tossing the best part because it simply became un-enjoyable to try to hold the stub without succumbing to the heat.  Burned fingers are never a fun way to end a relaxing smoke….neither is giving up the richest, most flavorful part.

We tried everything to make smoking the best part of the cigar the most enjoyable experience possible.  However, the only options out there were either too clunky/cumbersome or they wound up damaging the cigar by piercing a hole through the wrapper.  CigarPro was on a quest to design a holder that was lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable to handle and didn’t damage the integrity of the cigar. And that is how The Cigar Clip was born.

We can’t imagine enjoying every last inch of our cigars without The Cigar Clip. After you try it, we can guarantee that you won’t be able to either!

Maximize your smoking dollars and get the most from your cigar with
"The Cigar Clip"

Thank you and Welcome to "The Cigar Clip"

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